RFP: Technical Assistance as Creative Consultant for Women Leadership and Prevention of Child Marriage Collective Action

The Australia – Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, hereafter: MAMPU, is an Australian Government (DFAT) and Government of Indonesia (BAPPENAS) partnership working to improve the access of poor women to essential services and other government programs in order to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment and support the achievement of Government of Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) targets.

The MAMPU Program supports network and inclusive coalitions of women’s empowerment and gender equality organisations (the MAMPU partners), and parliamentarians to influence government policies, regulations and services, and in selected private sector arenas. Ultimately, this work aims to improve the access of poor women in Indonesia to critical services and programs. The program works through a number of national civil society partners who receive grants to implement projects around the following five thematic areas identified as entry points to achieving the program’s larger goal:

• Improving women’s access to government social protection programs;

• Increasing women’s access to jobs and removing workplace discrimination;

• Improving conditions for women’s overseas labor migration;

• Strengthening women’s leadership for better maternal and reproductive health;

• Strengthening women’s leadership to reduce violence against women.

An integral dimension of the MAMPU programme to achieve its goal is through collective action. With its collective action, MAMPU supports the strengthening of women and youth’s voice and influence at various levels.

The collective action at both agenda: women leadership and prevention of child marriage, have an already strong foundation of women and youth champions with their best practices in advocating the two agenda. It has resulted in formalization, commitment, and signings of programs, schemes, and even systems at targeted entities. MAMPU endeavors to socialize the profiles of these women and youth leaders, and the best practices of these activities along with its learnings and achievements.  These modalities will be valuable to be accessed by specific audiences to bring about and advocate more positive change and a way to profile the work to connect and strengthen the current activities. And with the MAMPU programme ending this year, documentation and dissemination of these practices and learnings needs to be amplified. The targeted audiences of the expected communication and knowledge production of learning and networking events and best practices products ranges from individuals, community groups, and local government. 

Considering that creative production of content creation to popular media is not a MAMPU core specialty, therefore MAMPU requires a strategic creative communication consultant that can facilitate and assist MAMPU to document and support the creative thinking and packaging of both agenda, to be developed as a MAMPU product that can be shared to others as shared learning experiences, as potential practices to be adopted and adapted. Therefore, MAMPU requires technical assistance from a creative consultant in supporting the communication strategy to capture the profile of two agenda: actors and activities throughout the implementation of the collective action processes.

For further detailed information on the RFQ, TOR and submission, please send a letter of interest to MAMPU Sr. Procurement & Risk Management Officer at email: mnurwaskito@mampu.or.id or through MAMPU website www.mampu.or.id

“MAMPU is a child-safe organisation. We have strong recruitment procedures to make sure the safest and most suitable people work with the children in our programs.”