Poor Women’s Livelihoods and Access to Public Services: A Baseline Study


The SMERU Research Institute


Poor Women
Access to Public Services
Child Welfare

The baseline study is a part of 2014—2020 longitudinal study series which developed a preliminary picture of poor women’s live in 5 selected districts in Indonesia (Deli Serdang, Cilacap, Timor Tengah Selatan, Kubu Raya, Pangkajene) in relation to the 5 MAMPU thematic areas, namely access to social protection, access to employment, women migrant workers protection, maternal and reproductive health, and violence against women. Different poverty characteristics between men and women require a comprehensive understanding of the conditions experienced by poor women, especially in terms of their livelihoods and access to public services. Efforts to improve the livelihoods of poor women would have a cross-generation impact; thus this would contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the children, who constitute the next generation.

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