To Celebrate ‘Pink Day’, ‘Aisyiyah launches a Palliative Care Guide in Bantaeng Regency

28 November 2019
Author: Amron Hamdi

To mark October as international cancer awareness month, ‘Aisyiyah held a ‘Pink Day’ celebration that featured the launch of their “Integrated Community-based Palliative Care Guide”. The guide was produced by ‘Aisyiyah — with support from the MAMPU Program — in cooperation with community health clinics, midwives, local government representatives, as well as community and religious leaders.

Pink Day was held on 20 October at Seruni Beach, Bantaeng Regency. The Chairperson of ‘Aisyiyah Central Leadership Board (PPA), the Vice Regent of Bantaeng, the Head of the Health Office, ‘Aisyiyah Regional Leadership Board representatives and members of the local community attended the event.

“Cancer patients and people with terminal illnesses require special attention and care that includes both medical treatment, psychological and spiritual care, for both the patients and their families,” said Bantaeng Aisyiyah Regional Leadership Board Chair In’am.

The Bantaeng Regency Government welcomed the launch of the book. “We will continue to encourage all community health centers in Bantaeng to use this [Palliative Care guide],” said Bantaeng Health Office Head Andi Ihsan. Andi’s statement was echoed by Sahabuddin, Vice Regent of Bantaeng who said, “We fully support this program as an important effort to care for cancer patients and sufferers of terminal illnesses.”

The Pink Day event featured a number of other activities, including VIA cervical cancer examinations, breast cancer examinations, blood donation collections, the handing over of funds collected through ‘Sayang Ibu’ donations, and a fun walk that thousands of community members took part in.