Swara Parangpuan is Working to Prevent and Handle Violence against Women and Children through Village Government Work Plans

19 February 2020
Author: Amron Hamdi

Swara Parangpuan North Sulawesi and the Service Providers Forum (FPL) engage in various efforts to increase services for women victims of violence in Minahasa, North Sulawesi. The two organisations have made services for women victims of violence more accessible at the village level through the development of community-based services (LBK) in 5 MAMPU supported villages. Through LBK, Swara Parangpuan fosters communities’ enthusiasm, empathy, and cooperation to tackle issues related to violence against women and children.

Over the last two years, these five LBK have engaged in advocacy to influence Village Government Work Plans (RKPDes). However, the recommendations put forth by the LBK have yet to be accommodated in village work plans and budgets; therefore, Swara Parangpuan saw the need to hold a workshop titled “Preparing Budget Allocation and Activity Proposals for the Prevention and Handling of Women and Children Victims of Violence in RKPDes”

The training was held on 2-3 December 2019 in Manado City. Fifteen participants consisting of five representatives of Village Governments, five representatives of the LBKs, and five staff of Swara Parangpuan North Sulawesi took part in the workshop.

The results of the training were proposed activities and budget allocations focusing on the prevention and handling of violence against women and strengthening the LBKs as institutions through RKPDes 2021 in the five villages supported by Swara Parangpuan. It was also agreed that joint plans between LBKs and the Village Governments would be created to ensure the programs and budget allocations proposed are prioritised in the 2021 RKPDes.