Stakeholder Workshop on Home Workers in Jember, East Java

30 May 2016
Author: admin

The National Network Friends of Indonesian Women Homeworkers (MWPRI), one of MAMPU Program partners, in collaboration with the  Jember Regency Government held a Stakeholder Workshop on Home Workers on 23rd May 2016. This theme of this workshop was “Mobilising the Power to Achieve Economic Protection and Decent Life for Women Home Workers in Jember”.

The workshop, which located in the Jember Government Secretariat Hall, was attended by 53 people, consisting of Jember regency staff, HomeNet Indonesia in Jember Regency, Health Social Security Agency, Workers Social Security Agency, Home Workers, NGOs, Media, Organisations and Universities.

The panelists at the workshop were representatives from MWPRI, Social Services, Industrial and Trade Office, Man Power and Transmigration Office, Cooperation & SME Office, Jember Regency Planning and Development Agency and Home Workers representation.

To open this workshop, the Vice Regent of Jember, KH Muchid, delivered the keynote speech.

Reported by: Dardiri Dardak (MWPRI)