Savy Amira Teaches School Kids about the Importance of Respecting their Bodies

17 February 2020
Author: Amron Hamdi

Savy Amira Sahabat Perempuan held training sessions at a number of primary schools in Surabaya on 25 November as a part of the 2019 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. Sessions were held at Bahrul Ulum Primary School, Sememi I State Primary School and Sidotopo IV State Primary School. The training program was aimed at equipping students with knowledge and awareness to help prevent sexual violence.

The session began with a body awareness session in which body parts and diverse body types, including in relation to disability, were discussed. The session was designed to ensure that students understand and respect their own bodies and the bodies of others. The children were also introduced to various techniques that can be used to respond to verbal harassment or catcalling in public places and given the opportunity to practice these techniques. Participants were encouraged to ‘say no’ to any unwanted attention. How to have empathy for victims of violence was the final lesson in the workshop.

The high-level of enthusiasm of participants was evident from the number of questions they put forward. A number of the students shared their experiences of experiencing verbal harassment, which included having their parents insulted.

While the children learned from Savy Amira, in turn Savy Amira was able to learn lots from the students about the latest developments in the kids’ world.