PUPA Foundation Held National Seminar in Bengkulu

9 December 2016
Author: admin

Supported by MAMPU, PUPA Foundation held a National Seminar on Parenting to commemorate Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign (HAKTP) 2016 in Bengkulu on Thursday (8/12).

Attended by more than 100 participants, the national seminar aimed to increase people’s awareness on the importance of sex education and encourage communities in Bengkulu to participate in developing the sex-ed program.

Since 2014, PUPA Foundation and MAMPU have been assisting schools in Bengkulu and encouraging them to educate students on reproductive health issues. Other than that, PUPA Foundation also actively provides information on reproductive health to wider scoop of audience.

Based on this experience, PUPA Foundation identified parents’ and teachers’ needs on reproductive health issues. This then inspired them to make a guidance to educate their children on the topic. PUPA Foundation collaborated with Psychologists Association (HIMPSI) and the Family Welfare Consultation Institution (LK3) Sehati published a parenting module on reproductive health and a reproductive health module for children with special needs. In line with this, PUPA Foundation tried to encourage people to participate in expanding the implementation of these modules. This event also served as a medium to share knowledge on research and innovation on sexual education and child protection issues.

Hopefully, through this event public of Bengkulu have a better understanding of sexuality issues and could protect our future generation from harassment and sexual violence. The participants also hope Bengkulu’s residents could grow tolerance and a sense of mutual respect for each other.


Reported by: Selvia Mardela