Maros Government Recognises BaKTI’s Contribution to the Protection of Women and Children through MAMPU

20 August 2018
Author: admin

During the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17, 2018, BaKTI Foundation received a Certification of Merit from the Regional Government of Maros, South Sulawesi for the support and assistance provided by the MAMPU Program to support and assist the government in drafting women and children protection policies from 2014 to 2018. The certificate was given directly by the Maros Regent, Hatta Rahman, and it was received by Lusia Palulungan, the MAMPU BaKTI Program Manager representing BaKTI Foundation.

The MAMPU-BaKTI Program assisted the Maros Regional Government in drafting several policies, among others the Regional Regulation (Perda) 15/2016 on the Implementation of Early Childhood Education, Perda 8/2017 on Child Friendly Regency, and currently (2018) in the deliberation process of the Regional Regulation Draft on Gender Mainstreaming.

Other supports included providing experts and assisting in the drafting process of Perda by following procedures regulated in the legislation, encouraging members of the Maros Regional Representative Assembly (DPRD) to make use of Participatory Recess for gaining inputs and aspirations from the people in order to enrich Perda drafting and assist the main duty of DPRD members. The capacity of the Maros Women Empowerment and Child Protection Regional Office (DP3A) and the Women Empowerment and Children Integrated Service Center (P2TP2A) were strengthened with the drafting of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Response to Cases of Violence, and capacity building of the DP3A Regional Office and the P2TP2A  staff was conducted in relation to addressing cases of violence.