MAMPU Partners Celebrate Labour Day with a Homeworkers Festival in Semarang

26 July 2019
Author: Amron Hamdi

To commemorate Labor Day, the Annisa Swasti Foundation (Yasanti) — in cooperation with the Semarang Legal Aid Institute and the Indonesian Legal and Human Rights Assistance Association of Central Java — held a Homeworkers Festival in Semarang on Thursday, 2 May.

“Forming networks is the first step to ensure that homeworkers are increasingly empowered and receive recognition.  Thanks to the hard work of those involved [through the MAMPU Program], there are homeworkers groups across 23 regencies and seven provinces have been formed with more than 4,000 members,” said MAMPU Program Team Leader Kate Shanahan at the opening ceremony.

The enthusiasm to fight for the rights of homeworkers to receive fair wages and decent work conditions was evident in everyone who attended the Homeworkers Festival, from the homeworkers groups themselves to the representatives of the Central Java Labour Office.

The Festival included a panel discussion on the decision of the Semarang Industrial Relations Court on a dispute concerning home workers’ wages, and an exhibition showcasing the home workers’ skills in arts and crafts. Having the spotlight throughout the Festival provided an opportunity for the homeworkers, who lack recognition and visibility, to be seen and be proud as a workforce.

“Yasanti, along with other MAMPU Partners TURC and BITRA Indonesia are continuing to advocate for the passing of a Draft Ministerial Regulation from the Labour Ministry and the creation of Homeworker Protection Bylaws at the regional level,” said Amin Muftiyanah, Executive Director of Yasanti.