FPL, Komnas Perempuan and the Women’s Empowerment Ministry sign an MoU for an Integrated Documentation System for VaW cases

19 February 2020
Author: Amron Hamdi

The Service Providers Forum (FPL), the National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan), and the Semarang Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (Dinas PPPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the Utilisation of an Integrated System for Documenting Cases of Violence against Women. The signing of the MoU in Semarang, Central Java on 21 December, was part of the Exhibition of Indonesian Women’s Works held by the Semarang Dinas PPPA to celebrate Hari Ibu — a day that commemorates the founding of the Indonesian women’s movement. The MoU aims to provide for the collection of comprehensive data and facilitate the creation of joint reports each year that detail the multi-faceted situation regarding the handling of cases of violence against women. The MoU was created to advance the fulfillment of Indonesian women’s rights.

“FPL appreciates the commitment of Semarang Dinas PPPA and Komnas Perempuan to work together through this MoU to align tasks and resources amongst state institutions and service provider organisations to realise an integrated documentation system for cases of violence against women in Indonesia,” said Veni Siregar, FPL National Secretary.

In addition to upholding women’s constitutional rights that are guaranteed in Article 28 D (1) of the 1945 Constitution, the MoU also ensures Indonesia’s consistent commitment to implementing the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) ratified through Law No. 7/1984.