Discussion on Community Strengthening in Kalibaru, North Jakarta

20 May 2016
Author: admin

LBH Jakarta was held a discussion on community strengthening in Kalibaru Community, North Jakarta last March 2016. There was 16 women (housewives and laborers) participated in this activity. The discussion started by Wartini, paralegal of LBH APIK Jakarta, and it was facilitated by Uli Pangaribuan (Staff of LBH APIK Jakarta) and Dunia (Paralegal of LBH APIK Jakarta).

At first, participants were asked to share their experiences related to the family’s roles division between men and women. Some of the participants told their family problems. When they were young, their parents were discriminating and give different affection and attention to girls and boys. However in the other hand, participants who are already married and have children stated that they are trying to make no distinction on giving their attention between boys or girls.

After sharing the stories, it continued with group discussion. Participants were divided into three smaller groups, and each group was asked to answer and discuss a set of questions. There were five questions, such as: who is taking care of the household, husband or wife? Who is the head of the household? On whose behalf the certificate home/ residence? Whose obligation to take care of the children? Who should responsible to make a living?

The discussion’s result showed that participants are able to identify what is the differences between sex and gender. In addition, they can understand that violence against women starts from a gender discrimination that shaped by cultural patterns developed in the community and perpetuated through practices in the household.