DESBUMI Cadres in Jember are Actively Involved in Village Development

4 October 2019
Author: Amron Hamdi

On 19 July, Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta Allaster Cox attended a discussion in Dukuh Dempok Village, Jember Regency that was themed “Village Initiatives for Migrant Worker Protection”. The discussion focused on the village community’s experiences in developing safe migration management practices through the DESBUMI program. The village level DESBUMI service model, which is supported by the MAMPU Program, was designed to protect migrant workers before, during and after deployment abroad. This model also encourages community involvement in development planning and budget allocation to develop villages that support safe migration, community empowerment, and economic opportunities.

The discussion in Dukuh Dempok involved relevant stakeholders, such as the village government, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, and the village consultative council (BPD). Students from Jember University currently on community service placements in the village also attended the discussion.

Dewi Srikandi, a DESBUMI cadre from the village, expressed her joy that the village government had created a kiosk to sell products produced by former migrant workers. Dewi, along with 25 other DESBUMI cadres from Dukuh Dempok, manage the kiosk and routinely stock it with products they wish to sell, such as herbal drinks, soy chips, and various other snacks. The proceeds from the sales increase their families’ earnings.