Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy Meets Women Heads of Households in East Java

4 October 2019
Author: Amron Hamdi

On 15 July 2019, Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta Allaster Cox visited groups of women heads of households in Bangkalan Regency and Sampang Regency East Java that are a part of the PEKKA Union.

Cox talked to the women about the challenges they faced when trying to encourage other women in their villages to join the union. At times people in the community had negative opinions about the PEKKA union, however, the large numbers of women who have achieved increased confidence and knowledge after joining the union have proved those opinions wrong. Women in the PEKKA Union now have a better awareness of their rights, including their right to access basic government services.

Tana Merah Village Head Kaprawi took part in the meeting and voiced his appreciation for the PEKKA Union’s support which has increased understanding in the community regarding the importance of obtaining administrative documents to access basic government services. Prior to the PEKKA Union the community only worried about trying to obtain administrative documents when an emergency arose. The PEKKA Union in East Java supported by the MAMPU Program works in two regencies and consists of over 900 women heads of households and 48 women’s groups. PEKKA began forming women’s groups in the region in 2010 and MAMPU began supporting PEKKA’s efforts in 2014.