Critical Discussion: Strengthening Women Survivor as Companions/ Leaders in the Community

23 May 2016
Author: admin

Gasira Maluku Foundation held a critical discussion for women survivors with the theme “Strengthening Women Survivor as a Leader/ Community Companion”. This activity held on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at the Gasira Maluku office.

In the MAMPU Program, Gasira provides assistance services for women victims of violence. In the process of mentoring conducted by Gasira, there are 20 survivors who have gone through various phases, such as legal process and others. However, survivors also need to be fully recovered (means become independent), both economically and socially. Therefore, Gasira developed a critical discussion for women survivors.

The purpose of this activity is to explain the MAMPU program and its benefits to the survivors, define the needs and challenges in survivors’ recovery, design future activities and advocate the needs of survivors.