Bengkulu Administration Passes Gubernatorial Regulation on Prevention of Child Marriage with MAMPU Support

3 September 2018
Author: admin

Bengkulu Province has issued a Gubernatorial Regulation (Pergub) 33/2018 on the Prevention of Child Marriage in July 2018.

Since 2016, three MAMPU partners, which are Cahaya Perempuan WCC, KPI Bengkulu, and PUPA Bengkulu, along with PKBI Bengkulu, and Bengkulu administration (DP3A PPKB Provincial Office) had jointly advocated for the prevention of child marriage. This issue is considered a strategic issue that is closely related to women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and it contributes to Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), stunting, rate of sexual violence, and domestic violence.

The coalition brought the issue to the provincial level and mutually shared roles: wherein Cahaya Perempuan WCC and PKBI focused on advocacy, PUPA on communications & publications, while KPI Bengkulu coordinated with various parties.

The four organizations continue to oversee the substance of the Pergub to ensure that it fulfils and protects SRHR. Data from various sources were used as a basis in drafting the policy, such as data on child marriages, unintended pregnancy cases caused by sexual violence, and non-sexual violence as a cause of child marriages. Cahaya Perempuan WCC facilitated the multi-stakeholders’ forum which brought together the government, CSO, and assisted groups. Whereas PUPA continued to push the advocacy process through the media and public dissemination.

“MAMPU’s support to Cahaya Perempuan WCC as a member of the PERMAMPU Consortium has assisted us in sharpening our analysis of the problem and strengthening the organization of grassroots women in rural and urban poor areas. The results of research conducted with MAMPU’s support has further strengthened our work in data-based advocacy,” said Tety Sumeri, Director of Cahaya Perempuan WCC. Previously, the MAMPU Program supported the PERMAMPU Consortium in a research on “Unintended Pregnancy” and another on nutrition for women and young women.

Henceforth, MAMPU partners in Bengkulu will ensure that: 1) Effective dissemination of the Pergub be carried out by relevant parties involved in the drafting of the Pergub, 2) Bengkulu Provincial Government implements the Pergub, 3) a Regional Action Plan on the Prevention of Child Marriage is made along with policy support of regional budget allocation in the 2019 Bengkulu Province Mid-Term Development Plan.