‘Aisyiyah Accelerates the Reduction of Stunting through ‘Nutrition Houses

24 April 2020
Author: Amron Hamdi

As an effort to reduce the rate of stunting in various regions in Indonesia, ‘Aisyiyah — with the support of the MAMPU Program — launched the Nutrition House program in Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi and Cianjur Regency, West Java. The Nutrition House program is now being implemented in 16 districts and cities.

“It is our duty to work together to reduce stunting by improving nutrition,” said Halima, Chairperson of the Regional Branch of ‘Aisyiyah at the launch of the Nutrition House on January 10 in Mamuju, West Sulawesi. “Good nutrition in children is needed to develop our future generations. Therefore, let’s prevent stunting by starting from the household and fulfilling the nutritional needs of our children,” said Habsi Wahid, the Regent of Mamuju.

The activity — which was carried out in conjunction with the launch of the Thematic Nutrition and Stunting Prevention University Program — involved more than 400 university students throughout the Mamuju District.

Aisyiyah Central Leadership Chairperson Siti Noordjannah Djohantini was also present at the event and said: “If this program is successfully implemented, God willing, within a period of two years, the stunting rate will decrease”.

A similar launch occurred in Cianjur Regency on 1 February 2020. The Acting Regent of Cianjur Herman Suherman attended the event along with the Coordinator of the Team for the Accelerated Prevention of Stunting (TP2AK) Karnadi Hardijanto. Both of these guests voiced appreciation for Aisyiyah’s work in reaching grassroots groups and carrying out comprehensive nutrition interventions that increased awareness in the community.

Cianjur ‘Aisyiyah Regional Branch Chairperson Titin Suastini explained that Aisyiyah Cianjur would continue to partner with the government to reduce stunting: “As a partner of the government we will encourage efforts to reduce stunting through public health efforts, such as community education and this Nutrition House Program.”

Tri Hastuti Nur Rochimah, the ‘Aisyiyah Coordinator for the MAMPU Program also attended the event and explained: “‘Aisyiyah hopes to contribute to community-based efforts to reduce stunting in Indonesia through the Nutrition House Program.” Nationally ‘Aisyiyah has implemented the Nutrition House Program in 16 districts and cities since January 2018 in order to support the government’s programs. The number of regions will continue to expand as the program is replicated by Aisyiyah branches in other areas.