Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah’s Routine Meetings, Broaden the Knowledge of Women in Ngawi

8 May 2018
Penulis: admin

Raising awareness about reproductive health among married couples of child bearing age in Nglencong, Kauman Village, Sine Sub-district, Ngawi District, is conducted through regular meetings of women in the forum called Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah which is supported by the MAMPU Program.

Women who attend are given insights and information regarding reproductive health from a resource person using a module and teaching aids. In the course of the study, they are free to hold a question and answer session, express their opinions or examine cases where there were reproductive health problems.

Not only session on reproductive health, women are helped to improve various skills. They conduct routine Koran recitations, attend workshops on reproductive health, entrepreneurship, and marketing techniques, and other activities related to empowerment and livelihoods.

One resident who has applied her knowledge is Dewi Haryati, a mother of  three, who makes loncis chips from cassava mixed with brown sugar or chili balado. She sells them to school canteens and takes orders from the general public. Another is Warsini who makes tempe (fermented soya cake) and soyabean milk which she sells to foodstalls and she fills out orders for events near her home. And there are many more members of the Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah who empower themselves by making handicrafts from recycled materials.

Hj.Sutjiatim, MPD, who was with Aisyiyah’s Regional Leadership (PDA) 2010-2015, said that with the MAMPU’s program, Aisyiyah’s branch groups are increasing in number, the community of people who care about reproductive health is getting bigger and there has been replication of this and other development initiatives, such as entrepreneurial workshops for mothers at home to help them with their families’ economies.

The routine activities of the women in the Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah also represents an opportunity for them to exchange ideas about anything with their friends. Staff from Aisyiyah often accompany them and continue to develop their knowledge of reproductive health using various sources. This is then shared with the participants who come to the meeting at Balai Aisyiyah Sakinah held on the 25th of every month.

The presence of the MAMPU Program through Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah is uplifting to the spirit of its members and motivates them to attend every meeting because they feel the need for knowledge, friendship and to open themselves up to new horizons.