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Reduce violence against women

Field Testing the MAMPU Campaign Handbook for 16HAKtP with SPI Labuanbatu

MAMPU is committed to supporting the work of its Partners in order to influence stakeholders on women's issues and make women’s voices better heard.


Media Handling Skills Training for Forum Pengada Layanan

The efforts to reduce violence and impact of violence against women are very important and lately it got a lot of media attention.


Nurhasanah: Reproductive Health, From Inhibition to Awareness

My name is Nurhasanah, but people called me Nur. I was born in Kampung Tengah on 10 June 1965. Now, I live in Pematang Kandis Village, Bangko District, Merangin Rege


Kartini in the Eyes of Dina Lumbantobing



Kartini in the Eyes of Azriana

In the commemoration of Kartini Day, MAMPU wants to show "Kartini in the eyes of Indonesian women figure" who are struggling for the women’s interest.


Mr. Sudarno, A Religious Leader Calls for the Importance of Reproductive Health Through Recitation Sermon

Mr. Sudarno, a religious leader in Cilacap, Central Java get a lot of important information on reproductive health MAMPU-'Aisyiyah program.


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