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The Wailing of Migrant Worker’s Child

"A child is missing her mother. It turns out that money from working in Saudi Arabia cannot replace a mother's love."


Bakulan Trading

"This woman sold vegetables around by using bakul (a woven bamboo container).


Peasants’ Migration

"Most people in Derek village are working as peasants. They only harvest the rice twice a year since their rice fields rely on rainwater for irrigation.


The Lose of Hope

"This is a picture of migrant worker who got an accident in Malaysia. He suffered a broken leg and deformed, and finally returned to Indonesia.


Contemplating the Fate

"A former migrant worker was on contemplating his fate. Once, he was a migrant worker in Malaysia, but now he is working as farm laborer in the village.


Jublina: Positive Changes among Husbands

"Ever since I joined the Tenunkoe movement, the women in my community and I feel a change in attitude of our husbands. Now, they are willing to take a role in our domestic work."


Yudith: Sharing Knowledge in Sewing

"I could not sew neatly back then, I did not know what a pattern is. But, since joining YSKK's (Yayasan Satu Karsa Karya) knowledge, I have more knowledge. So now I share my knowledge to my children.


PhotoVoice: My Father’s Pride Bachelor

"I am a migrant worker’s daughter. My father worked abroad for paying his four children’s education. In the past, my father wanted to be a bachelor, but he can not reach it.


PhotoVoice: Build Reproductive Health Awareness through Carnival

"Because there is a lot of ways to build community awareness. Why not we voiced 5 issues of reproductive health through carnival? There are a lot of fun during the carnival at Jatinom Village.


PhotoVoice: Spirit to Struggle

"This was a form of passion and hard work of the former migrant workers, their family, and paralegal for the migrant workers rights’ protection that never considered by the government.


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