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Migrant CARE


Migrant CARE and its sub-partners advocate to increase female migrant workers rights and ensure they are free from exploitation and discrimination. Established in 2004, Migrant CARE focuses on strengthening the protection and services provided by government institutions to migrant works.

With MAMPU support, Migrant CARE has extended their extensive network at the national level to encompass partners at the district and local levels in 9 migrant-sending districts, in 5 provinces across Java, East and West Nusa Tenggara. In collaboration with their local partners, Migrant CARE has developed and is trialling a model for community-based service provision for migrant workers (pre-departure training, financial literacy, case handling) in 47 villages. This experience has informed their campaign to advocate for changes to the National Law on the Placement and Protection of Migrant Workers as well as for changes to the service delivery from key government agencies. As a result their DESBUMI model (Village that Cares for Migrant Workers) has influenced the national government DESMIGRATIF scheme (Productive Migrant Village), which is currently being trialed in 140 villages in 50 districts.

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