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KOMNAS Perempuan


1. Komnas Perempuan – Komisi Nasional Anti Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan / National Commission on the Elimination of Violence against Women

Indonesia’s National Commission on the Elimination of Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) was established in 1998 as an independent national institution to protect women’s rights including preventing and reducing violence against women. It does so through increasing public awareness, monitoring, fact-finding and reporting violence against women, reviewing state policy, conducting research, and facilitating cooperation. The organisation works with close to 400 partners among national and local civil society organisations (CSOs) working on violence against women and gender equality, including maintaining and updating its database on violence against women cases in Indonesia. Through their collective advocacy efforts Komnas Perempuan were instrumental in the passing of Law No. 23/2004 on domestic violence.

2. FPL - Forum Pengada Layanan / Service Provision Forum.

Initiated by Komnas Perempuan, Forum Pengada Layanan (FPL) was established in 2001.  FPL is a network of over 100 service providers that provide frontline services (case handling, referral and legal assistance, crisis centres) to women victims of violence throughout Indonesia. It provides a forum for learning for these service providers to share experiences, resources and knowledge in case handling.

Through MAMPU, Komnas Perempuan partners with 24 FPL.  Four of these have been selected as FPL host organisations which cooperate with 20 other FPL organisations operating in MAMPU sites to implement MAMPU funded activities. Together they work to improve the functioning (regulatory frameworks, budget support, referral mechanisms) of the governments Integrated Criminal Justice System for Handling Cases of Violence Against Women (SPPT-PKKTP).


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