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Institut KAPAL Perempuan


KAPAL Perempuan was formed in 2000 to build a women’s and social movement to realise social justice, gender equality and peace. The organization was established on 8 March 2000 – International Women’s Day – to address ethnic and religious identity-based conflict and violence occurring in various regions in Indonesia.

With MAMPU support, KAPAL Perempuan and their partners support women to gain to access to and influence the delivery of government social protection programs through Gender Watch and Sekolah Perempuan. Sekolah Perempuan, or informal women’s circles, provide community based education and training to develop local women leaders that can advocate for change at village and district levels. KAPAL Perempuan’s Gender Watch initiative enables joint monitoring of social protection programs by women, CSOs, academics, and government officials at village, district and provincial levels. This approach enables inaccuracies in beneficiary data to be identified and advocated to improve access to the National Health Insurance (JKN). As a largely urban based organization, MAMPU support has enabled KAPAL Perempuan to expand their network through partnerships with 6 local organisations working in 24 villages in 9 districts of DKI Jakarta, West Sumatra, East Java, South Sulawesi, as well as West and East Nusa Tenggara.

Jl. Kalibata Timur No.5.
Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan, 12750

+62 21 79 483 11
021 - 79187971


Institut KAPAL Perempuan


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