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1. Yayasan Bina Keterampilan Pedesaan Indonesia (BITRA) (BITRA Indonesia Foundation)


Yayasan Bina Keterampilan Pedesaan Indonesia (BITRA) (BITRA Indonesia Foundation) was founded in 1986, legally registered foundation in 1990. BITRA’s philosophy is that advancing a nation depends on improving the lives of its people through human resource development.

BITRA facilitates and directs community development to empower marginalised communities—especially in rural areas—and develops public services at various levels. It provides education and training opportunities to increase human capacity and community empowerment, advocates for policies that support marginalised people, builds strategic alliances to promote human development policies, and raises public awareness of policy advocacy and economic empowerment.

The organisation conducts its activities in numerous areas throughout the provinces of North Sumatera (Langkat, Deli Serdang, Serdang Bedagai, South Tapanuli) and Aceh (Bener Meriah Bireuen, Southwest Aceh, Southeast Aceh, Aceh Singkil, Simeulue).


2. Mitra Wanita Pekerja Rumahan Indonesia (MWPRI)


MWPRI was founded in 1996 in Malang, it then legalised in 1998. MWPRI is a national network to empower women home-based workers and organisations.

MWPRI, is a network and medium that serves to establish and carry out joint initiatives and activities among its members to improve employment opportunities and increase access to social protection programs for homeworkers. MWPRI also works as a catalyst in the women homeworkers’ movement. As a member of HomeNet South East Asia, MWPRI is also referred to as "HomeNet Indonesia ".


3. Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC)


The Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC) is a labour service organisation specialising in supporting the development of independent trade union movement in Indonesia by empowering the legal, social, economic and political potentials of the trade union movement developed since the Reformation era in 1998. TURC is established in 2003, and since then has involved in various activities together with various trade unions and workers’ groups in various industrial regions in Indonesia in four main islands of Indonesia (Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Riau Island).

TURC could play a role as the hub for the three processes:

1. Industrial Relation Strategy

Assisting unions in developing collective bargaining and negotiation with employers as well as internal democratic system.

2. State Oriented Strategy

Advocacy for policy and (labour) law reforms.

3. Judicial Strategy

Reforming the court and its apparatus.


4. Yayasan Annisa Swasti (YASANTI)


Yasanti is a non-governmental women's organization in Yogyakarta, founded on 28 September 1982 by six women activists in Yogyakarta. Yasanti has a vision and mission of the realization of the life of a democratic society, free from gender inequality, everyone has equal opportunities and abilities in the fields of economic, political, social and cultural.

The missions are: (1) Strengthening women's organizations that are independent and democratic. (2) To develop a critical awareness of women workers through organizing, education and advocacy. (3) Strengthening the economic rights of women



All four organisations aligns with MAMPU’s second thematic pillar: Improve Women’s Access to Jobs and Remove Workplace Discrimination.

All four organisations focus on improving access to employment and removing workplace discrimination for homeworkers. Homeworkers are independent workers and their families who produce goods and services for both the domestic and international marketplaces. 

BITRA supports homeworkers in North Sumatera, MWPRI supports homeworkers in East Java, TURC supports homeworkers in Central Java and Yasanti supports homeworkers in Yogyakarta and Central Java. They have conducted various activities such as raising awareness of homeworkers’ issues, creating homeworker networks, increasing awareness of workers’ rights and conducting research on employment opportunities for women to access decent jobs and income.

Jl. Bahagia By Pass no. 11/35 Medan, Sumatera, Indonesia 20218

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Jl. Setaman III No. 32, Malang, Jawa Timur.
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Jl. Mesjid II No. 28, Pejompongan Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 5744655 Fax.  (021) 5744655

4. Yasanti

Jl. Puntodewa I DK VII RT 11  Bantul, D.I.Yogyakarta (DIY) 55182
(0274) 375908 | 0813 9260 3597,

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