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BaKTI Foundation was established in 2009 in Makassar, and grew out of its initial beginnings as the World Bank’s Support Office for Eastern Indonesia (SofEI) in Makassar. BaKTI collects and distributes information on development programs and assistance available for the development of Eastern Indonesia and supports local development actors to collaborate and harmonise different initiatives. BaKTI is also the Secretariat for Forum KTI (the Eastern Indonesia Forum). Established in 2004, the organisation spans 12 provinces in Eastern Indonesia, and its members include local government officials, legislature, academics, as well as representatives of civil society organisations and the private sector.

Through MAMPU, BaKTI’s work focuses on ending violence against women. They do this through grassroots community organizing by establishing Kelompok Konstituen (Constituent Groups); and bringing these constituent groups together in public consultation with their local parliamentarian leaders through their initiative ‘Reses Participatif’ (Participatory Recess). BaKTI work in 85 villages, 6 districts, across 5 provinces of eastern Indonesia.


BaKTI Building
Jl. H. A. Mappanyukki No.32, Makassar 90125 Sulawesi Selatan

+62 411 832228, +62 411 833383
+62 411 852146

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