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‘Aisyiyah, was established in 1917 as an Islamic faith-based women’s organisation under Muhammadiyah, one of the two largest Islamic organisations in Indonesia. An autonomous women’s organization, ‘Aisyiyah contributes to women’s empowerment by strengthening women’s participation in all aspects of social and economic life. In operation for a century, ‘Aisyiyah has a large membership base of 10-15 million women with branches and activities across Indonesia, supporting women’s education, health and livelihoods.

MAMPU supports ‘Aisyiyah to improve access to reproductive health services. At the national level ‘Aisyiyah works with the Ministry of Health to improve their Minimum Service Standards (MSS). At the local level, ‘Aisyiyah’s work centres on the establishment of Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah (BSA), local women’s groups. ‘Aisyiyah have devised a ‘Service Model’ concept that works on the demand side to increase women’s knowledge and awareness of reproductive health issues and their right to access services including cervical and breast cancer screening. Alongside this, they work on the supply side to develop the skills of health workers, and advocate for the necessary budgets to enable service provision. ‘Aisyiyah is currently implementing these activities in 97 villages, across 16 districts, in 6 provinces.

BSA leaders are active in village and district government development planning forums, where they can now deploy evidence based advocacy to improve government funding for reproductive health services.


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