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Sri Mulyati, Kartini from Jatinegara Kaum

  • Oleh Drevina
  • / 8 June 2018

Living in a densely populated village of ​​Jatinegara Kaum, Jakarta, Sri Mulyati emerges as the leader of a women's group in her village. Just like Kartini, she is actively fighting for the rights of citizens, especially women to access government social protection programs.

Sri Mulyati or Mul was just confirmed as the Head of Women's School Advocacy Division of DKI Jakarta. Women’s School (Sekolah Perempuan) is an informal women group formed by KAPAL Perempuan where women can learn about women's leadership, public speaking, gender, women's issues, and critical thinking on social issues. KAPAL Perempuan is a women's organization supported by the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment or MAMPU.

Joining the Women's School in 2014, through the initial meeting, Mul began to understand that women have equal rights with men in all matters including health, education and social welfare.

"In that meeting I was afraid to speak. Afraid to be asked. Scared because I felt I did not know anything. I even hid behind my friends at that time, "Mul said with a laugh.

After that session, Mul, a mother of four was determined to learn more. Supported by her family, she then regularly follows the activities of the Women’s School.

"Since joining the Women’s School, I came to know many things. I can think critically about social issues around me, especially about women and government social programs. I now understand the rules and processes concerning those programs. ", continued Mul.

Mul, who sells breakfast in front of her house every morning, is now a trusted source of information and an advocate in her area on government’s social protection programs. Not only that, she is trusted by people in her village to be their representative in Musyawarah Perencanaan Pembangunan (Development Planning Forum) from village to provincial level.

"I try to always disseminate accurate information about government programs. If anyone is entitled to get the program but not get it, I am always ready to help them access their rights." said Mul.

Thanks to Mul’s advocacy efforts, now the poor in Jatinegara Kaum, Bidara Cina and Rawajati area could access government social protection programs like Program Keluarga Harapan, Indonesia Health Card, Indonesia Education Card and health service for elderly people according to their rights. With her new position as the Head of Women's School Advocacy Division of DKI Jakarta, Mul aims to continue working together and advising the local government through monitoring the implementation of social protection programs. Mul hopes that she will continue to contribute to better public services for the people of Jakarta.

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