MAMPU Dialogue Supports Women’s Leadership to Achieve SDGs

10 August 2018
Author: admin


The MAMPU Program held a Regional Dialog with the theme Leave No She Behind in Jakarta, on August 8 – 9, 2018 in order to support women leadership in achieving Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs that is gender responsive, inclusive, and transformative. This event is a follow-up from a series of regional consultations conducted in 22 regencies/municipalities throughout 10 provinces from May to August 2018.

“Women must be active, have a voice, and become agents of change. As subjects instead of objects,” Dina Lumbantobing, Executive Coordinator of PERMAMPU (Perempuan Sumatera MAMPU) consortium, asserted at the start of the event.

Meanwhile, the Director of Family, Women, Children, Youth, and Sports of the Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN)/National Development Agency (BAPPENAS), Woro Srihastuti Sulistyaningrum, stated that the Regional Dialog serves as a place to share experiences and lessons from the various initiatives in support of women empowerment and gender equality programs successfully carried out in Indonesia and its neighbouring countries.

On the first day, the Regional Dialog presented 12 speakers in 3 plenary sessions. The opportunity to share knowledge continued into the second day, which involved two sessions of parallel discussions and group presentations. The discussion sessions produced five key points, namely women leadership, partnership, narrative change on economic development, knowledge, and women participation.

Prior to the closing of the event, Kirsten Bishop, the Australian Embassy’s Counsellor on Poverty and Social Development, expressed her expectation that this event would generate more effective and strategic collective action in support of achieving SDGs.

“Subsequently, a National Assembly will be held to produce more applicative strategies with actual results, so that the MAMPU Program can show that women are actors of change in addressing gender inequality,” asserted Dian Kartikasari, Secretary General of the Indonesian Women’s Coalition.


“Women must be active, have a voice, and become agents of change. As subjects instead of objects.” Dina Lumbantobing