Bunda Constituent Group Accesses Village’s Funds in Tana Toraja for Community Empowerment

25 November 2016
Author: admin

The Village’s Fund is a fund devoted to the village government and communities in financing the implementation of development in the village. The funds can be used for community empowerment for improving human and economic resources, as well as infrastructure development. This is in the framework of equitable development in Indonesia.

Lembang (another name from the village) Buntu Datu in Mengkendek, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi is one of 15 Lembang in MAMPU-BaKTI-assisted areas, where the Bunda Constituent Group (KK) is formed. To optimise the utilisation of the Village’s Fund, especially for the community empowerment program, the Lembang Government together with the Lembang Consultative Board of Buntu Datu held the Lembang Deliberation (MUSLEM) on 21 November 2016, at Lembang Buntu Datu Office. The meeting invited the Head of Lembang, community figures and community groups in the region (including Bunda Constituent Group).

During the MUSLEM, the Head of Lembang said, Village’s Fund is distributed according to the rules. The fund is utilised to finance the administration, development, community empowerment, and community. The funds should be proposed by group. Therefore, every society who intend to be involved in the empowerment program must be a member of group.” Head of Lembang hoped that all the society became members of the group and then joined to supervise the empowerment program. Therefore, all the society can feel the benefit.

To get the funds, the group must propose and make simple proposals and budgets that includes the explanation about activities, budget and who are its members. The groups formed must be legalised by the Lembang government to avoid the misused for personal gain.

“So, immediately form the group and make a proposal. Ask for help from groups who have experience in making proposals,” said the Head of Lembang.

The BUNDA Constituent Group accesses the Village’s Fund

The establishment of the BUNDA Constituent Group was authorised by the Decree of the Head of Lembang Buntu Datu. Venny Thomas Tatto, was elected as the chairman of BUNDA Constituent Group. She also became Chairman of the Indonesian Women’s Coalition (KPI) Tana Toraja Branch in the board election in last December 2016.

With the issuance of the Head of Lembang’s Decree, all activities and programs of the group are always coordinated with Lembang Government. Since the BUNDA Constituent Group has been registered as an official organisation in Lembang Buntu Datu, Lembang Government asks BUNDA Constituent Group to join in various activities, such as deliberation of development planning, village deliberation, and other meetings.

In accessing the Village’s Fund, BUNDA Constituent Group submits a proposal. Although it is simple, but the proposal has to explain the details of the activities to be undertaken, the objectives and benefits, how to do it, who is involved and how many people, where, when, What is financed and how big is its budget. Proposals are verified before approval, and the group guards the process of their proposal by asking if there are any incomplete documents or if there is a problem with the proposal.

Venny has experienced escorting the proposed activities to access the Village’s Funds twice, for make-up training, Mick beads training, and training for making typical Toraja Cakes (culinary).

The trainings for women’s groups in the village, as managed by the BUNDA Constituent Group, are very useful in creating productive enterprises as a source of household and group income. This has been felt by the community at Lembang Buntu Datu who participated in training. They have started to manage the business of making woven beads, both in groups and individuals.

“The Village Fund is indeed for the villagers and if managed transparently, honestly and fairly it will be very beneficial and well directed especially for the poor. However, it is necessary to submit a proposal in Musrenbang because all activities to be funded from the Village’s Fund must be included in the Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APB Lembang) through the planning process at the village/ district level by making a proposal by the group,” said Venny Tatto.

Written by: Matias