Lentera Muda Berjuang Melalui Media Alternatif

8 May 2018
Penulis: admin

“We felt mainstream media rarely voiced women’s rights. All the information that should be obtained by women in grassroots level are not displayed.” said Lentera Perempuan editorial team.

Seeing this condition, Lentera Muda, a women youth group assisted by WCC (Women Crisis Center) Cahaya Perempuan  in Bengkulu, took the initiative to create an alternative media in the form of a newsletter entitled Lentera Perempuan that can be easily reached by their communities.

The A3-sized colored newsletter will be published once a month, initiated by Dedek Hendry, a local journalist and one of the administrators at the WCC Cahaya Perempuan. Supported by MAMPU Program, the first edition was issued on May 2015.

Lentera Muda who have a concern towards the fulfilment of women’s rights, especially rights to sexual and reproductive health is working to build Lentera Perempuan as a trustworthy media for the issue. The editorial team of twelve people is chaired by Winda Destriani (23).

Before forming the newsletter, they learn how to do interviews, write in a decent writing format and look for news.

“Usually we look for news of our own environment and from what we’ve encountered elsewhere. Of course the news related to women’s issues. For example, related to health, reproductive health, gender equality and other social issues. ” said Winda.

Winda and the team always do an editorial meeting as an evaluation and subsequent issuance plan, so that the news support the needs of society, especially women in her village. They become fond to reading, watching the news and are more sensitive to events around them. For them all activities around them could be written in Lentera Perempuan.

Dessy Anggraini (19) one of the editorial team said that although Lentera Perempuan raises women’s issues, it is not only reserved for women. Anyone can read it as to broaden their knowledge.

Lentera Perempuan will be distributed to various public places such as the main street, stalls, schools, clinics, places of gathering organizations and other crowded places.

“Lentera Perempuan usually attached to the wall so everyone could read it easily,” Dessy said.

Winda and friends think that conveying information and aspirations through this newsletter is an effective to create changes in society.

“At least women’s aspirations could be raised through the media and could act as a reference to the stakeholders,” said Winda.

One of the issue that they highlighted is early marriage, which is a serious issue within their province. Editorial team is set to inform related information on the issue. Information is packaged in a simple way, so everyone could understand the issue. Each edition has a variety of topics and updates.

“We hope Lentera Perempuan will continue to publish so that it can absorb more women’s aspirations and can provide an abundance of useful information for the public, especially women,” said Winda.