Khotimatul: I Am Proud To Be a Member of PEKKA

2 May 2016
Penulis: admin

I am Khotimatul, a housewife from Kauman Village, Pekalongan, Central Java.

At first, I was an introverted person. I never opened up due to my low educational level. I am just a graduate of elementary school. I never participated in any events in Kauman because of my feelings of insecurity. I was too afraid to come and speak up.

However, this changed once I encountered Women-Headed Household Empowerment Program (PEKKA), one of MAMPU’s partners. After the meeting, I started to open up and decided to join. In PEKKA, each member is taught how to express their ideas in public. PEKKA also encourages us to join their meetings and discussions. I feel lucky to be given the opportunity to participate in PEKKA’s activities. Consequently, I gain more confidence. I also find the courage to speak at village forums.

As a result of my efforts in village forums, in November 2014, I was elected as secretary of Jaya Mandiri Group, one of the groups assisted by PEKKA. In 2016, I was also elected as chairman of PEKKA Kauman due to my rigorous efforts. Supported by PEKKA and Jaya Mandiri Group, we conduct discussions on social issues and various trainings for women in Kauman village. One of the activities we carried out was Discussion on Social Protection. It was held in March 2016. Representatives of the Public Health Office, Social Service Office and Health Social Security Agency (BPJS) came to show their support.

At the event, a representative of the Public Health Office expressed their commitment to support PEKKA’s activities. He also expressed their appreciation for the efforts of PEKKA’s members in conducting the event. He also said that the women of PEKKA were powerful and inspiring.

In this opportunity, a representative of the Social Service Office also delivered information about social protection cards such as the Indonesia Health Card (KIS), Family Hope Program (PKH) and Indonesia Smart Card (KIP). He expressed the Social Service Office’s commitment to support PEKKA’s trainings and the provision of equipment for the home-based businesses of PEKKA’s members. The members of PEKKA were deeply touched by the Public Health Office and Social Service Office’s commitment to supporting their activities.

Through this event, members of PEKKA and I are now able to establish communication with government agencies and the District Government of Pekalongan. Now we can actively deliver our opinions and ideas to the Public Health Office and Social Service Office. Other than that, we also help the government in providing information about the social protection cards mentioned above to the residents in Kauman village.

I feel proud to see the contribution of the women of PEKKA  to improving the welfare of Kauman’s residents. I hope that PEKKA can continuously assist and support the women of Kauman to fight for our prosperity.

Written by: Khotimatul Karimah (PEKKA)