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story A village midwife is delivering to the mothers the knowledge about cervical cancer

‘Aisyiyah Pangkep, Brings the VIA Test and Reproductive Health Service Closer to the Community

Cervical cancer remains one of the leading causes of death for women. This is aggravated by the community’s lack of knowledge and awareness about the dangers of the disease.

story VIA test and CBE Participants Taking Photo Together

‘Aisyiyah Carried Out a VIA Test and CBE Supported by the Village Fund

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, ‘Aisyiyah Blitar Regional Leader carried out Visual Inspection of Acetate Acid (VIA) test and Clinical Breast Exam (CBE), using the Village Fund (Anggaran Dana Desa) support.

story The ambiance of Fun Walk event opening the which is marked by the release of pink balloons

'Aisyiyah Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Day

On October 23, 'Aisyiyah went Pink to commemorate Breast Cancer Day. One of the events supported by MAMPU was entitled “Hari Kanker Payudara, Tabligh Akbar dan Launching Peduli Gisi: Donasimu, Selamatkan Ibu”.


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