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Request for Proposal (RFP) “Penguatan Program Intervensi Nutrisi untuk Pengurangan Stunting Berbasis Gender Bagi Mitra MAMPU”

On the basis of the need to sharpen MAMPU partner's approach to nutrition issues for stunting reduction, MAMPU requires consultancy service to work with MAMPU and partners to share the nutritional interventions that will also covering gender aspects.


Request For Proposal (RFP) “Tim Penyusunan dan Advokasi Rancangan Peraturan Menteri tentang Perlindungan Pekerja Rumahan dalam Akses Kerja Layak”

MAMPU and MAMPU partners in thematic area-2 “Improving conditions of employment and removing workplace discrimination”, Bina Rural Indonesia (BITRA Indonesia), Trade Union Right Center (TURC), Yayasan Annisa Swasti (YASANTI) and Mitra Wanita Pekerja Indonesia Indonesia (MWPRI), are assisting home-based workers to improve policy advocacy, recognition of their existence, improved access to health and safety services and decent working conditions while empowering home workers through organizing and capacity building on gender issues and decent work.


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